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5JP Reading Race

Please help your child to win the race.

We are trying to encourage year 5 children to read more and to develop a love for reading, so we have developed the reading race. In year 5, we expect children to not only read the words on a page but show a good understanding of what they are reading, to be able to discuss, answer questions, develop opinions and infer from text. Children must read at home and obtain a signature from an adult in their home-contact book. This signature confirms that the child has read at home but has also had a discussion with an adult about what they have read. The children's home-contact books will be checked each morning. Every signature is a point, the first house team to reach check point 10 (100 points) will receive a reward for their efforts.

If you are unsure how to best help your child with reading at home please come and ask. HAPPY READING!

Miss.Pearson :D

Picture 1 5JP Reading Race