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As we are into our final term in Reception, we have some challenges for you to do at home which will help the transition process into Year One. Any completed pieces of homework should be brought into school so that we can celebrate it as a class. If it is not possible to bring homework in, you could fill out a WOW Moment for your child to put on our WOW display!


Writing- Write full sentences using our class toolkit (capital letters, finger spaces, full stops, writing on the line and check that it makes sense).


E.G. My cat plays with the toy in the garden.

       Some dogs can run fast.

       The milk was on the shelf.


Challenges (1 house point per challenge): Can you use a word with more than 5 letters? Can you spell any 'red words' correctly? Can you write a story using 'Once upon a time'? 


Reading- Join the local library and read 5 books about our upcoming topic 'Under the Sea'

                Practise reading sentences back in order to comprehend what is happening.

                Practise reading longer words (e.g. crisps, stamps, grunts, began, between)


Challenge (1 superstar sticker): Can you spell all of our 'red words' without being prompted?


Science- Floating and Sinking- discover which materials float and which materials sink. Investigate this and see if you can find out why. Do all heavy objects sink? Do all light objects float? Why does a coin sink? Does it matter if the water is hot or cold? 


Fine Motor- Learn to tie your shoelaces and fasten top buttons on t-shirts independently.


Maths- Keep practising one more and one less than numbers up to 20. 

We have been learning about the o' clock times in school, can you draw a clock and draw different times using the minute and hour hands?

Recognise the different types of coins that we use in the UK (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2)


Challenges (1 house point for each challenge): How many different ways can you make 10p? Can you draw half past 3? Can you count up to 100 independently? 


Topic- Following our dinosaur topic, can you think of 3 carnivores, 3 herbivores and 3 omnivores for animals that live in our world today?