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Homework Grids

Autumn Term 2017 - Year 5 Homework tasks

Topics: Ancient Greeks and Pole to Pole

Dear Parents,

Welcome to year 5, during the autumn term year 5 will be learning about the Greeks and Pole to Pole.

Below are three curriculum areas. Each child is expected to complete eight tasks over the term. A minimum of two must be completed from each curriculum area. We appreciate that some weekends are busier than others; therefore we are giving you the flexibility to complete tasks in your own time. Instead of checking books weekly we have decided on two check dates to monitor progress through the term and a final completion date.

Check dates: Monday 25th September and Monday 6th November 2017. Final submission: Monday 11th December 2017.

English tasks

Learn a famous poem by heart.


Compose a letter to Medusa asking her to help you present an assembly about the Greeks.


Imagine yourself on a desert island. What 3 items would you take and why? What could you live without and why?


Write a set of instructions, instructing someone how to get ready for school. Highlight your “bossy verbs”.


Write an adventure story involving the Arctic or Antarctic.


Create a poster making people aware of the effect of global warming on polar regions.


Maths tasks

With a partner create your own secret code using maths to help you.


Using a TV guide calculate how much television do you watch over 7 days.


Practise the nine times table using your “fingers”. Photos to as evidence.


What unit of currency do they use in Greece now? Make a conversion table showing prices in pounds / pence and the equivalent in Greece’s unit of currency. How much pocket money would you get in Greek currency? How much would a can of coke cost?


Weather. Record the temperature outside for 2 weeks. Present the results as a table and a graph. Extrapolate this data (predict) the next week.

Wider curriculum tasks

Draw or paint a fireworks display.


Design your own invasion game; consider rules of play and instructions. Examples of invasion games are, rugby, netball and hockey. Team games with two halves.


Design/Make a 3D mythical monster, of the type found in Ancient Greece.


Follow a recipe; cook something for your family to eat. Ask them to score it out of 10 for taste and presentation. Photographs please.


Complete a science investigation of your choice, evidence your findings in different ways, for example photographs, diagrams, tables.


Research Inuit art. Produce a piece of your own.


Take a collection of winter photos that tell a story. Summarise the plot.