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This term we are learning about pets and animals. We will be learning about lots of facts and information about a variety of animals and their habitats. 

Can you make a fun fact file or poster about your favourite animal?



Physical development

We would like children to have a go at making an animal environment out of malleable material (play-dough, plastercine, paper mache). 

This could be a zoo, jungle, farm or anything different that you can think of! Take lots of pictures to bring in so that we can share your inventions with the class.


Understanding the World

Have a go on a computer keyboard. Can children select the right letters for their name? Can you find the finger space button? 

You could have a go at writing a whole sentence on a computer! 





We are focussing on recognising teen numbers this term (especially 11, 12, 13, 15 and 20).

Can you make a number line by sticking lots of pieces of paper together? Write the numbers and then draw an amount of shapes to represent that number (For example on number 6, you could draw 6 squares)

We will also be working on counting in 2s as well as doubling and so you could play some simple doubling games or songs to help support this.


We are continuing our digraphs this term and will be applying our sounds more into our writing. Please continue to practise these at home as well as the 'red words'.

Sounds learnt so far are:

All single sounds (a, b, c...)

sh, ch, th, ee, oo (zoo), oo (book), ar, or, ck, qu, nk, ng, oa, ay, igh, ir


Red words: I, go, to, the, no, he, we, me, be, she, said, all, they, my


In your beautiful handwriting, practise the days of the week.

To help support your children with the correct letter formation, please refer to the Read Write Inc. sound sheets sent home in the Autumn Term. 

You could make this very fun by going outside and chalking your handwriting on the pavement or garden fence!