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The 5JP Reading Race


5JP will be competing in their houses, in the"Reading Race". To do this they need your help. 

Aim: to be the first house to finish the race, with a reward for the winning house.

Each morning either Mrs.O'Brian or myself will be checking home-contact books, we are looking to see who has been reading and having conversations with their parents/guardians/uncles/aunts/older brothers and sisters/grandparents or other adults, about their book.


For a child to prove they have done this, we need to see a comment and/or signature from the adult. For every signature they will receive a point for their house, which will be recorded as a tally on the display. For every 10 points the house receives they can move their race car on to the next check point of the race track. There are a total of 10 check points.


Thank you for your support in encouraging and motivating 5JP to read.