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Welcome Letter

Dear Parents/ Carers,


Firstly welcome to Reception at Little Bowden Primary School. It has been lovely to meet all of the children this week. Everybody looks so grown up in their uniforms with their lovely, big smiles! In Reception, we operate a broad, balanced and creative curriculum which focuses upon the importance of learning through play. We want the children to have lots of fun as well as learn.


If you have any questions, concerns or worries, please come in and talk to us any time.


Below is some useful information:


Literacy at home

Please read lots of different stories to your child at home. Ask them questions about what is happening in the story. Can they guess what might happen next? Ask them to re-tell the story to you. Can they tell you who the characters in the story are? Look for letters and words in the environment. This will support your child further as we begin our phonics lessons.


Maths at home

It is important that the children can recognise and count the numbers in order 0 to 10 and then later to 20. Look for numbers and shapes in the environment. Can they find a number 2 on a door or a number 7 on the bus? Ask children to get you 3 pencils or 4 spoons. Can they count how many chairs are around the table whilst touching each item as they count for example?


We want your child to have a wonderful, happy year in Reception in preparation for the rest of their school life. If there is anything that we can do, please let us know.



Thank you,


The Reception Team