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Year 3 Trips

This term both 3MK and 3PS have been on two school trips. This is what the children had to say about them!


On Tuesday morning, the Year 3's went to Harborough museum to learn about what life was like a long time ago. We were split up into groups to do activities, such as weighing beans and acting out historical characters. After that we wandered round town with a camera. I would have enjoyed it more though, if we had had longer in town. By Joseph 3MK.


This morning the Year 3's wandered to the museum in town. I enjoyed weighing the dried peas and coffee beans, as well as the trail looking for historical artefacts. We also learned about local history. Did you know that Market Harborough museum used to be a corset factory? They made hundreds of them, including liberty bodices! My favourite activity was walking around town, comparing the today's places with Victorian photographs. By Lawrence 3MK


On Tuesday we went to Conkers, which was very exciting. We met a ranger who helped us with our first activity which was den building. When we finished creating the shelter we made a fire and managed to toast marshmallows - yum! After that we all attempted the barefoot trail; there was cold water dips, stony paths and rocky sections to try out which reminded me of a beach. In all it was a fun day out. By Eric 3MK