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w/c 27.03.23


In Maths this week we will be working on week 20 of the NCETM's Mastering Number programme:-


Subject knowledge

This week, the children will use practical contexts to sort objects according to different criteria. They will be encouraged to notice different attributes in groups of objects – such as colour, size or function – and to describe what they notice. Beginning with adult-led sorting activities and games of ‘How am I sorting?’, the children will go on to develop their own criteria for sorting. Sorting and classifying are important early years’ skills that encourage children to identify similarities and differences. These skills also support problem solving and the development of data analysis. 

Alongside this, they will continue to practise recalling the composition of numbers as doubles. Then, towards the end of the week, the children will apply their sorting skills to numbers and will investigate ways to sort the Numberblocks. They will use their previous experience of investigating doubles to begin to practically explore even and odd numbers. Within the context of building Numberblocks characters, they will investigate when a number can be composed of 2 equal parts. It is anticipated that the children will quickly identify that even numbers can be composed as doubles, through their experience of seeing numbers composed of 2 equal parts. 


The children will have previously investigated similar and different attributes of objects when comparing the numerosity of sets. They will also have investigated doubles through practical arrangements of objects, including their own fingers. Recognising patterns of number builds a deeper understanding of our number system and will support continued exploration and understanding of number fact work in Key Stage 1 and beyond.



In our Literacy work, we will be making and writing our Easter cards and revising ay ee, igh, ow (as in blow the snow), oo (as in poo at the zoo) and learning oo as in look at the book, in addition to our phonic group work.


In Expressive Arts and Design we will be very busy! We will be finishing our work on designing, making and evaluating obstacle courses and dens. making Easter cards and Easter cakes. Making the Easter cakes will link into our work on melting chocolate in our science work as part of 'Understanding the World.'


In RE we will be learning about the Easter story and are going to visit St Hugh's church with the Year One children on Tuesday afternoon. In PE we will be completing work on ball skills.

We were really proud of the children for their wonderful Mother's day performance. We have filmed a version of it (minus the children who have opted not to be filmed for the website) for those who couldn't make it or to share with your wider families.