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Our Learning for the Week Beginning 06.03.23


Phonics - The children will continue to practise their phonics skills in small groups each morning. Please make sure that you continue to hear your child read at home as this will help support them with their learning.


Literacy - The children will be writing sentences about their farm trip and about their favourite characters from books.


Maths - The children will be following the NCETM Mastering Number programme. This week the children will be looking at comparison of quantities and counting amounts accurately. We will be exploring 'more than', 'less than' and 'equal to'. 


Expressive Art and Design - The children will be exploring different media to create their own mother's day cards.


Understanding the World - The children will continue their topic work on animals. Learning about life-cycles, animals needs and exploring different scientific vocabulary. 


Communication and Language - The children will continue to explore stories, rhymes and songs together as a class.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development - The children will be continuing to learn about citizenship. We will be thinking about what animals and plants need to live and how we can help take care of them. We will be using the Primary Cambridgeshire PSHE Development Programme to help support us with this.


Physical Development - The children will continue to practise their Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) during our Big Moves PE sessions. This will develop their co-ordination and core strength. Children will also continue to practise their ball control skills and we will be learning how to throw and receive the ball in catching games.