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I know that you will all have different art materials at home - and it is tricky to do a lesson that everyone can do. However we have a drawing activity that works even without colour. 



How to Draw a Parrot


Cut and paste this link into the address bar on your browser. Watch it a couple of times, then have a go. Remember to pause it when you need to.


Topic - Rainforest


Tropical rainforests are found around the Equator, between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. True topical rainforests have a very distinct climate: it is hot all year and it rains every day. It rains so much that some places have over 300 cm of rain every year. How does this compare to Market Harborough? What is the wettest place you can find in a tropical rainforest area?


In fact, not only will it rain every day, the mornings will start off really 'steamy' - or hot and humid - but with no rain and blue skies. Then by early afternoon clouds will have formed and the rain will start - with thunder and lightning quite common. Where does all this rain come from?


Have a go at answering the questions and let us know what you think. You might find information on the internet - but remember to search for information for 'KS2' or 'kids' or 'children'. Otherwise you might find that you are reading somebody's thesis. 


Please Google BBC Bitesize Home learning.

Have a go at the singing lesson for Year 3.

The lesson is called: 23rd April Music


Mr Smithies and Mrs Smithies