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Earth and Space

The space race

This week we are going to investigate the SPACE RACE. What's the Space Race? We all know that Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon but there was a lot of action and squabbling in the build up to him arriving.

Mostly it's about politics and who is the best country in the world. Here is a very brief summary.

 1. At the end of the war Russia and America ran of with Germany's rocket scientists.

 2. Russia put a satellite into space, then a dog and then a man. This dented America's pride a lot.

 3. America said it would go to the moon and it did. They felt better because they had won that bit.


BBC bitesize present there version,

Listen to Horrible Histories explanation of the space race. 

Recommended by Martha's Mum.

Here are a few activities and some information about the space race


Mrs Hiscock's favourite game, TOP TRUMPS in SPACE