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Easter Holidays

Over the next few days, we will be adding a few suggested ideas for the Easter holidays.  It would be nice for the children (and yourselves) to have a little break from home schooling, but we also understand that you may want to keep some routine going.  Therefore, we are going to think about Science and other Foundation subjects for over the Easter period to help.  We still believe it is very important to keep up with daily reading but perhaps relax a little on the phonics, writing and Maths.  These core learnings will naturally come through the activities suggested on this page.  


If anyone missed the RWinc phonics sessions for the last two weeks, they are being re-run over Easter to let everyone catch up for after Easter.

Also on the White Rose website - home learning - early years- the Maths for the last two weeks are still on there. 

Follow the links for RWinc and White Rose maths further down on this page.


We wish you a lovely Easter.  Stay safe and keep in touch,

From the Foundation Team

Maths week 2

Still image for this video

1)  The BBC Bitesize are going to be running daily lessons/activities from Monday 20th April.  It is aimed at Year 1 and 2 but they have some nice videos and simple games about habitats, which we looked at (oceans and woodlands) in our final week of school.



2)Use your login for Espresso that was emailed out.

Please avoid 'Dinosaurs' as this is our topic after the Easter holiday.


Click on:

Foundation, then select Understanding the world, then in turn: 

 -New life - there are videos about Spring to watch, activities to do, printable resources (if you have a printer), 3 books to read and a sound gallery.

 -Animals - videos and activities.

 -Fourways Farm - videos to watch and questions to answer after each part.

 -Easter -Watch the 'Easter Celebration' video and 'Easter Eggs' video. Can you decorate an egg? Don't forget to send in your photo for the gallery! Can you complete 'Easter blending' with Polly in 'activities' and 'counting easter eggs?' Again there are printable resources and books.



3) Can you make an Easter card for your family? You're welcome to send in a photo for the gallery.
4) Can you make an Easter Bonnet? Use all your wonderful joining skills and creativity, that you normally use in school in our Creation Station!
5) Make some Easter eggs out of scrunched up paper or play dough or anything else! Hide them around your garden or house for an Easter Egg Hunt for your grown ups! Can you write clues to help them find the eggs? Use your sound mat to help with your writing. Have fun!

6)  Music: play different types of music and discuss how the pieces make you feel. You could even draw a picture as you listen. Will you draw wavy lines for a gentle piece of music or ziz-zags for a slightly  more energetic piece? Next you could try moving to the music. Are you moving fast/slow, softly/hard, bouncy/rocky, etc? Perhaps you'll have a go at composing your own song!

7) Make your own paper Easter eggs. Practice cutting skills with different lines/shapes to cut over. When you have 2 halves you could use them to match capital and lower case letters or work on alphabetical ordering. Or you could use them as a number bonds matching game.

8)  Explore the outside at night! Just before bedtime/dusk. Go outside and wait...Can you hear an owl hooting? Can you see a bat flying over head? Can you hear the rustling of a hedgehog? Or catch the glisp of an urban fox? How is the night air different?  In the morning, you might want to talk about why we have day and night. Below is a video link, you may wish to only watch the first part or you may wish to talk about why we have seasons too.


9) Perfect time to learn a new skill. Whether you are passing down a skill you have or learning a new one together. It's the perfect time to master something new. After all you have the time! You may teach/learn how to cook, sew, knit, tie shoelaces, hoover, photography, a new language, dj (free djay app by Algoriddim), film making, dance and many many more. Some possible links:

NB: These are suggestions, they are not recommendations!

10)  How about a spot of Stargazing? Drinking hot chocolate  (with marshmallows optional!) and wrapping up under a blanket. You might need to prep before hand so you can talk about the stars and perhaps even tell a bedtime story behind the constellation's names.


Thank you for all your emails and hard work at home. We really miss you, so it has been lovely to see your photos.

Please see the Easter Holiday tic tac toe grid for ideas for Easter. Further down on the front page (under the link for the Maths materials from the White Rose Hub) you will also find some stories read by a large ladybird and Easter Bunny!

Have a lovely Easter!

The Foundation Stage Team