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   Multiplying and dividing by 9


 This weeks work follows on from last weeks work on the 3 and 6 times tables. See previous week for lesson videos and  work sheets on 3's and 6's.  The 9 times table can be one of the easiest with many patterns and sequences to be found. Increase the tens by one, decrease the ones by one,  18,27,36,45 etc

 using your hands. Here's a video on how to use your finger to help you with the nine times tables.


   Consolidating Roman numerals


 Last week in class we learned the basics of Roman numerals


  This video will help as a reminder. He's American but he knows his stuff.


   Below are a few work sheets about Roman numerals. Some are easy but the last one is really challenging, adding in Rome.

  Let me know how you get on.