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This week we are challenging your editing and redrafting skills as we ask you to write a teeny tiny story.


                                                                Write a Minisaga!                                                                                                       


A minisaga is a story of exactly 50 words, excluding the title, which can be up to 14 words long.  The stories need to include the main building blocks of a story – character(s), setting, beginning-middle-end etc - and so great thought must be put into choosing the right words, then editing down (or up) those words to fit the frame.


You don’t need to hit the 50 word target on the first writing; write the story as briefly as you can, and then edit down (or up).  Let your choice of words work for you to make the story interesting and try not to waste words stating the obvious.


Here are some examples of a minisaga.


Two rival explorers were hunting for rare butterflies in the jungle.  Suddenly both saw the flicker of rainbow wings and hurried to capture this beautiful specimen.  Their nets swished but became tangled.  At that, they began to argue and fight, while the angel looked on in amazement, before flying away.

(from ‘Imagine that’  Stephen Bowkett)



Billy was glued to the TV holding his lottery ticket firmly.  The numbers came out.  He’d won. He was so overjoyed, he shouted repeatedly “This will change my life forever.” He placed the ticket on the mantelpiece turned to leave the room not noticing the ticket flutter into the fire.





Fifth of November


The sky is lit up with colour and there are fires flickering in the distance.  It’s a dark night and there are loud noises all around me.  A rocket flies so close to me, it blows my helmet off.  I hope and pray that the war will be over soon.



The story doesn’t have to be totally original, use fairytales, a picture, proverb, or page from a comic book for ideas.

Try to have a surprising or thoughtful  ending leaving the reader to draw their own conclusions!


Hint: - Writing a minisaga is a real skill, have a couple of goes before deciding on your final subject



Remember to send in your final minisage for us to enjoy and share.