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English Activities


This week, as part of our new topic on Earth and Space, we would like you to learn about Galileo Galilei. He was a famous astronomer. 

This will lead to writing a biography about his life. 

As we have written a biography before in school, on Michael Morpurgo, I have set out lessons in much the same way to help you along. 

1. Read through the powerpoint. It will remind you what a biography is and what features to try to include in your writing.

2. Read the information on Neil Armstrong and answer the questions. Choose the right level for you. This will help you with what a finished biography might look like.

3. Find out about the life of Galileo. You can use the film and information below and find some of your own. Use the notes sheet to put down important information that you may use in your biography.

4. Using your notes, plan your biography using the planning sheet.

5. Now it is time to write your biography. Use the toolkit from day 1. Write a paragraph (the first block on your plan) and then edit before writing your next one. This may take 2 or even 3 sessions to write and edit your biography. You could type up your final version before sending us a picture.