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English/ Topic

Monday 22nd February


Traditional Tale:  Jack and the Beanstalk.

Miss Campbell will be reading it to you live via TEAMs and then explaining how to make a story map retelling the story.

If you cannot attend, read your own version of Jack and the Beanstalk and then ask your child to create a story map retelling the story just read.

If you can not attend TEAMs here is a story map template.

Monday 22nd February - Afternoon 

Tuesday 23rd February - Afternoon topic.

Watch both of the tooth fairy videos (ass seen last half term) again.

You will notice they are very different versions of the tooth fairy.

Design and write about your own version of the tooth fairy.

Draw a picture and write adjective labels such as cheeky, friendly, shy/loud, boy/ girl, good/bad.

Give him/ her a name.

Write a sentence e.g. Rosie is a mean tooth fairy because once somebody stole all her teeth. Or Luca the tooth fairy is a tooth collector and that is why he leaves everyone money to say thank you.

Wednesday 24th - sequencing the pictures and retelling the story in your own words

Thursday 25th February - Grammar (Verbs). These are the oral questions that accompany the "UNIT 3- Doing words" sheet in the home learning packs.

Friday 26th February