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English week 6

This week, the focus is reading. The e-book 'Rainforest Calling' is about a Year 3 girl called Daisy who is chosen to spend a week of break times and lunch times finding out about the Amazon rainforest. However, she isn't looking in books or on the internet. She is spying on the rainforest, live, through webcams which have been set up by the charity CARE (Conservation Action for Rainforest Environments). Each day she looks at a different layer of the rainforest and records what she sees in a journal (diary). We are going to read her journal entries.

However, a Pootoo bird is also watching the webcams. His story is told in between Daisy's journal entries. You can choose to  read Pootoo's story- but only if you want to!

If you follow the lessons from 1 to 5 it should become clear.

There is also a spelling challenge where you can pretend to be the teacher and mark Daisy's rainforest spelling test.


The e-book is too large to download onto the website so this is how you can access it:

Google: Twinkl parents

Search: Rainforest Calling e-book

Click: download

Then set up a free account by putting in your: email, creating a password and saying you are a parent.

PDF of ebook. Hope this helps.