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Foundation 2020

Week commencing 21st September


This week we have been helping the children to settle in and make new friends. We are really pleased that both classes can now mix freely both inside and outside and so have re-designed our classroom and removed the barriers to work as one big unit. We have been encouraging the children to take turns, share and remember to show their lovely manners by remembering to say things like, "please, "thank you " and "after you."


We have also been carrying out baseline assessments to inform our planning and next steps for the children. One area that some of them have shown difficulty with is taking off their jumpers and cardigans, then turning any inside-out sleeves the correct way round to put them on again.  You could really help at home by letting the children dress and undress themselves independently. Please also encourage your child to practise putting on and taking off their own coat, to include doing their own fastenings and zips.

A few children are mixing up their belongings and many of the names that parents wrote in with pen have washed off now that they have been through the wash a few times. Please can you re-write in any missing names. The easiest way for the children to find their own jumper or cardigan is to sew their name onto the back of the collar. Otherwise if you are writing the names in pen or using name stickers, please show your child whereabouts you have stuck them e.g. on the care label etc so that they can find and put on the correct jumper or cardigan.


The children are continuing to enjoy exploring our outside classroom and are particularly enjoying playing in the water trays and the mud kitchen! Inside they have had new resources out this week and have enjoyed the new bigger role play house, the puppet theatre and learning about the small loose parts play. They have created some wonderful art work. They have also enjoyed painting!


We have also been learning nursery rhymes and will be sending home a sheet for you to practise singing the rhymes at home. We have started our phonics scheme of work. This week we will learn the sounds 'm' and 'a'.  On Friday we will be sending home a copy of our letter formation sheets with instructions for the homework and information about phonics to help you. In our Maths lessons, we have focused on the number 2 and have collected 2 things, learnt to write the number 2, made 2 with a 1 and another 1, identified the number 2 piece in the Numicon equipment and watched number 2 on CBeebies NumberBlocks.


The children have started reading 'wordless' books from the Lilac Book Band in our reading scheme. The PTA have kindly purchased a school book bag for each child. Further information about reading will be sent home in their book bags later on this week, with a reading scheme book and a bedtime story. You may also send in any letters or 'wow' moment slips into school in these bags. But do not use the book bags to carry water bottles, as they often open accidentally and ruin the books. The school does make a charge to replace any spoiled books.

Additional Free Reading Books - Available Online as Ebooks

Go to the link below

Click on the Teacher Portal 


Password:  Parents20!

These are read along materials. However, if you switch the volume off on your computer or device this will encourage your child to read aloud independently. Please choose a book which matches your child's current book band colour.


Red words to read and spell

This week we are enjoying....gardening














































Maths Support Materials are available online from White Rose

Please use the direct link below

Choose the Early Years option