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Foundation 2020

Mrs Baldwin's class email:

Mrs Wright's class email:


 Dear Parents/Carers,


Home Learning

We have provided a selection of online learning materials for you to use with your child at home. We hope that you find these resources useful. These can be accessed by clicking the blackboard icon at the top of this page under 'Home Learning'. Here you will find a selection of resources which can be used to help support your child with their phonics, reading, writing and maths home learning. We really enjoyed the meetings on Microsoft Teams last week and will continue with these sessions, so that your child can check in with their class teacher and friends, sing songs, listen to stories, and do some short Show and Tell sessions. We will be in touch with you shortly with the invitations to the sessions next week, so please continue to check your child's emails regularly for updates.



Please do not feel pressured to complete a set amount of work each day with your child. Please rememeber that little and often with young children is key. We would only expect the children to sit still and concentrate on the carpet for a maximum of fifteen minutes twice a day (Phonics/English and Maths). For the rest of the time your child would have free time to choose different activities and play with a variety of resources which interest and engage them. Please be mindful that if your child were at school, they would have free access to the outdoor area throughout the day. Your child may prefer to learn outside and might benefit from a more active and hands-on approach, rather than being indoors and sat still. 


Weekly Email Update

Please can we ask that each family checks in with us once a week via email so that we know how your child is progressing with their home learning. This does not have to be lengthy and can just be a short sentence or two. If you would like to send us any photographs of your child's completed home learning tasks we would love to celebrate their achievements by adding these photographs onto our 'Gallery.' This can be assessed by clicking on the home learning icon above.. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's home learning please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We would be more than happy to help. We will reply to your emails as soon as possible. However, please be mindful that we will be unable to respond over the weekend.


Best wishes,


Mrs Baldwin and Mrs Wright  smiley































Maths Support Materials are available online from White Rose

Please use the direct link below

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