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  • Today, we are going to practise our blending. 
  • Click on the link: and have a go at playing the Balloon Phonics Game.
  • *This game allows you to choose whether your child needs to practise identifying the first, middle or final sound in a word.  




Draw a picture of your pet or a pet that you would like to have. Write on your pet's name. Write a sentence/sentences about your pet e.g. My dog is called Sandy. She has four legs, yellow fur and a very waggly tail. I love her!



Today's lesson is on the Oak Academy website. Once on the site, select Subjects -Early Years Foundation Stage - Maths - Number Grouping and Sharing - Lesson 10 - Consolidating learning of grouping and sharing -


Whizzy Maths

Challenge - Can you count to 100 with Jack?



Try this session from Cosmic Yoga - Mini the Puppy - Cosmic Kids Zen Den -


Creation Station fun!

One of our favourite activities at school is to get busy in our creation station. Can you build a bridge for your toy animal to cross? This could be from household objects e.g. ruler, Lego, lollipop sticks or from outside items e.g. sticks, stones etc.