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Home Learning w/c 31st January, 2022

If your child is off school because of self-isolating and they are feeling well enough please try any of the following activities. If they are unwell, please do not worry as we will catch them up when they are well and return to school. There are quite a few children and staff off, so we will be re-capping work once we are all back together! We wish everyone a speedy recovery.



We will be saying 3 letter words out loud, having at go at chopping up their sounds using our chopping arms and then writing down each sound as we hear them. If you have a printer, complete the sheets below. Otherwise your grown-up can call out the words for you to try or a piece of paper.

As lots of children were off last week, we will be going over last week's sounds: 'x' and 'ng'. We will also be learning the sound 'nk.'

The letter formation sheets are below if you have a printer. Otherwise, you can just complete the activity on a blank piece of paper and your grown up will draw a few in a yellow or orange felt tip for you to trace over.

We will also be assessing phonic knowledge ready for parent's evening.

Writing frames for CVC words

'nk' formation sheet

'x' formation worksheet

'ng' formation worksheet

You may also want to watch the videos by Mr Thorne and Geraldine the Giraffe for your new sounds.


Counting any objects at home and learning to combine two sets together and count how many altogether. This will be practical and no need to record in addition sentences at this stage of learning!

Also on CBeebies please watch any of the Numberblock shows from series 1.

If you are getting good at counting practically with objects that can be touched and moved, then have a go at this sheet.

This week we are focusing on the song 'Five Little Speckled Frogs.' We will be finding lots of different ways that we can make 5!

Attached are some more activities for you to try:


Can you design a Superhero?