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Jack & the Beanstalk

Below are some activities that are linked to our topic "Fairies and Giants".  These activities are to offer extra practice for your child enabling them to consolidate their learning.  There are some English (the puppet tasks are to support your child's ability to speak clearly and retell a story, if you join in with the story telling to create a drama performance, this also provides an opportunity for your child to listen/turn take - improve communication skills) and Maths tasks.  When completing the ordering of number beans (choose the one right one for your child's ability) remember to ask your child mathematical questions such as; How many tens/ones? Is that number even or odd?  How do you know that number is greater than that one? The majority of these activities are also cutting tasks giving your child practice time to become neater and accurate.


You do not have to complete these tasks, they are there to offer support and guidance.  You may wish to make your own activities based on these ideas.