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Letter For Parents/Carers - Learning in EYFS

Dear Parents/Carers,


Although we have set tasks, please just do what you can.

We fully understand the difficulty you may have if trying to work from home yourself! We really do not want to put any extra pressure on you at this difficult time. We’re sure that when life returns to normal, teachers all over the country will be making adjustments to their teaching, to take into account what may have been missed.


 Childhood development experts generally say that a reasonable attention span for a four year old is eight to twelve minutes – so limit any teaching input to this. In the classroom, the children would then complete a task with one to one or small group support from the teacher. The rest of the time they choose independently from a selection of activities, whilst the teacher teaches the next small group. These activities range from the mud kitchen, large construction, sand pit, climbing apparatus, chalking, bikes and scooters, home corner shed outdoors to the indoor role play (currently a superhero rescue centre), painting, jigsaws, board games, maths and phonic games, reading corner, the funky fingers activities to improve fine motor skills, the creation station to make collages and models and much, much more! As you can see, the vast majority is learning through play with appropriate adult intervention and inputs. There is no need to be sat at a table completing worksheets from 9am-3pm!


We will post recommendations for each week, but just go at your own pace and please don’t worry! If you are struggling with working from home and fitting things in, then to prioritise use the RWInc link for daily phonics. Please note these lessons are posted at 9.30am and only stay live for 24 hours. Then for Maths use the White Rose Maths link. These daily lessons remain on their website, so can be viewed at weekends etc., which might suit you better with your own work commitments.


Please email us with any queries and we will do our best to help. On days when we are working from home and able to check our emails, we will respond more promptly to emails. At other times we will be teaching in school in person or online, in online planning meetings or even on courses and will respond as soon as we are working at home again.


Kind regards and we hope you all keep well.

The Foundation Stage Team