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Look at What We've Been Doing

We made poppies for Remembrance Day!

Using real hammers!

We have been hammering the golf tees into the pumpkin! We had lots of fun. This activity helped us to build up the muscles in our shoulders, arms, hands and fingers so that we are ready for writing. Great work everyone!



Pumpkin Soup - PSHE

We read the story Pumpkin Soup. Afterwards, we worked together to make our own pretend pumpkin soup. We used our hands to scoop out the orange flesh inside and the small seeds. We were very good at measuring out the warm water and pouring it into our bowls. We counted out how many seeds and leaves that we would need to add into our mixture. We were really good at taking it in turns to stir the soup with our spoons. We mixed everything together to make a delicious pretend pumpkin soup! Great teamwork everyone. Very well done!