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For your Maths this week, I would like you to do some research or complete a survey (virtually). The topic is your choice, you could pick more than one subject. You could also link this to your project.

For example:

  • you could look at the temperature changes over a period of time
  • you could find out what a countries biggest import or export is
  • survey the most common flowers in your local area
  • most common eye colour/hair colour
  • types of animals living in geographical areas
  • most common lego brick colour

The possibilities are endless, have a chat about your ideas with an adult at home, it could be something global that you can research figures for online or may be something closer to home that you can investigate - please stay away from Coronavirus statistics.


Once you've decided what you want to research/find out. I would like you to find different ways of presenting your findings. This could be various types of charts and graphs. If you have a computer can you recall some of our Excel work and have a go at creating an excel graph/chart as well as having a go at drawing some. 

Furthermore can you present your values in different ways percentages, fractions, decimals. Can you find different averages.


There is a knowledge organiser for statistics below to support you with key vocabulary and learning. There are also some additional sheets to help you with your own calculations and support you in reading and interpreting different representations of statistics, you do not have to complete all of these, work on what you feel would be beneficial. 

I'll also pop a video on my YouTube Channel to support you. Any questions - just ask. Enjoy!