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This week we are going to focus on problem solving and multi-step problems.


This will focus on all the various areas of maths we have covered over the course of the year. You may need your memory jogging for some parts. Use your CGP books for this or have a look at the maths section on Espresso, there are lots of great videos which will hopefully be enough to remind you. This is one of the areas where we tend to make silly mistakes because we don't complete the whole question or miss elements to the questions. 

Below there are several activities for you to complete. I have uploaded a video onto YouTube, which will hopefully support you in your problem solving methods. Remember to send us your work and let us know how you are getting on.



Keep those key skills and concepts up to date by joining in with the Supermovers videos.


We have set up a few TTRockstar battles.


Battle of the classes 6JP vs 6DK

Gender battle Boy vs Girl in each class


Battles start Monday 9am and finish Friday 3.15pm


Who will win...

Boy or Girls

6DK or 6JP