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A final week of home learning, make this your best! This week we are subtracting fractions, similar rules and techniques to adding fractions. As always, watch the clip and pause the video when asked to, you may also pause the video to process some of the information said.

A reminder to only do a lesson a day. If printing out the work sheets isn't convenient and it can be expensive then numbered answers in an exercise book is just as good.

Monday 1st March

Tuesday 2nd March

Wednesday 3rd March

Thursday 4th March

Create your own fraction knowledge organiser to help you remember all the things we have learnt over the past few weeks on fractions.

This will be an important tool for when you move into Year 6.

You can present your work in any format you like, possibly a poster or in a PowerPoint. Remember you will need this in the future so keep it somewhere safe.