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Yesterday we had been covering subtracting fractions (including mixed numbers).

Today I would like you to complete the White-Rose worksheet called "mixed addition and subtraction".

I have attached the sheet and power-point below, for anyone that may not have it.

Work your way through like we would in lessons and see how you get on. Any problems write it down so you can ask one of the teachers when they call.


In your pack you should find some addition and subtraction activities/games. They will look different to our usual work. Have a go at some of these today. 


Lines/Boxes game (if you have someone to play with - could you do it over facetime etc with another member of the class?)



Multiply fractions by integers.

You should have a copy of the teaching power-point and the worksheet in your folder.





Monday 30 Nov


I'm going to set some thinking tasks today. Firstly - some 'always, sometimes, never' statements. You could print and cut out the cards to sort them, or copy them out and say what each one is. See the word document below for the statements.



And a puzzle - one which is quite annoying and may upset those who like lots of calculating.


Using the digits 0 - 9, make 5 prime numbers. You must use all the digits once (and once only).


Don't panic if you can't solve it immediately. Panic never helped anyone, and you need to learn how to live with it and overcome it. Even if you don't find 5, you will be thinking about primes.

Tuesday 1st Dec


Here are some area puzzles