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Monday 22nd February


Recap Number bonds:

You will need your book and a dice. 

Title: Number Bonds to 6

Roll the dice, think of the number to go with it to total 6. E.g. If I roll a 3, I know I need another 3 to total 6. I will write 3+3=6 If I roll a 6, I will write 6+0=6 If you roll the same number move the position of the = e.g. If I roll a 6 again, I will write 6=0+6.

If your child finds the bonds to 6 easy: use 2 dice and practice bonds to 12 or 3 dice and do bonds to 18.


Extension: Hit the button:

Click Number Bonds> Make 10 or Make 20.

Tuesday 23rd February

Wednesday 24th February

Thursday 25th February

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Comparing lengths and heights. At the end of the lesson ask if your child knows the difference?

Worksheet for Thursday 25th February

Thursday 25th February - Afternoon

Friday 26th February

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Measure length (with a ruler)

Worksheet for Friday 26th February