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Maths Summer Week 3



If you were happy with Oak National Academy then by all means continue. But set a time limit of an hour at most.


Lesson 6 looks at non unit fractions which we have explored in class.


Lessons 7 and 8 go on to find fractions of amounts for non unit fractions. This is incrementally harder because it requires an understanding of proportionality. One fifth of 30 is 6 (which we use times table knowledge to find by asking 5 x ? = 30). Two fifths of 30 is 12 because we need to double the six because we are finding two fifths.


Lessons 9 and 10 look at ordering fractions, both unit fractions and fractions with the same denominator. Again we have done some of this, but it is a topic which is open to misconceptions and needs to be re visited.


If you think the online lesons were a form of torture, please accept my apologies and try these:



Quick revisit of unit fractions of an amount.


Then explore ways to find fifths


Again, try some fractions of amounts.

Now we'll look at fifths in a different way


Fractions of amounts




Now we'll recap thirds and two thirds



There are only so many work sheets I can inflict......


Try looking at the BBC Bitesize Year 3 maths page for today and last Friday. There are puzzles and problems - but the answers are included so no cheating. I might ask you to explain how you got the answers.