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Maths week 6

Week 6 Maths


Just to get back into the swing of things, we'll do some addition. Just to be different, and get everyone thinking about place value, you'll have to convert words into numbers though.

Work for Tuesday and Wednesday


If I'm honest, I'm not sure how long this will take. At least 2 days but perhaps longer - if it does, DON'T PANIC! There, that's my Douglas Adams moment. Let it take as long as the children need, doing 50 minutes a day.


The task is to create a poster of 3D shapes, described mathematically. So name of shape, number of faces (the 2D 'sides'), number of edges (the line where 2 faces touch) and number of vertices (pointy bits where 3 or more edges meet). If you want to lower the tone, ask why the bit where 2 faces meet isn't called a snog...…….


All that is needed now of course is the information. Below I've included a series of Twinkl posters for 16 shapes. Bonus points for including all of them. Don't print them because it will cost a fortune in ink. Try and look at each shape, work out how to draw it, then write down the name, number of edges, vertices and faces. Additional bonus points for spotting the shape with 2 names, and for knowing the singular of vertices.


Sorry that computer access is needed for this one.



I can hear some of you begging for mercy.......but here's some more work......


Firstly, complete the poster, but when that's done....... Conduct a 3D shape survey - how many objects around the house fit the shapes you have put on your poster? Which shape is used most? Use your imagination a little - there's a chocolate bar which you might not have but you can include it nonetheless.


Get a ruler if possible, and measure the edges in cm and mm.