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Adding the suffix ing.

If a word ends in e, we drop the e before adding the suffix ing.


bake   baking

ride   riding

make   making

race    racing

shine   shining

smile    smiling

phone   phoning


Can you dot and dash these words?   Remember use a dot when one letter makes the sound, use a dash when two or more letters make the sound.   If a split vowel diagraph is making the sound e.g.    a-e, i-e or o-e link the two letters by drawing a 'smile'.


Scott of the Antarctic.

Listen to the PowerPoint about Captain Scott, a famous explorer.   As I read the slides to you (I recorded myself reading it out loud) follow the words. Stop to think about answering the questions and finally talk to someone in your family about what you now know about Scott of Antarctica.

Also, describe how you feel about his expedition (e.g. pleased that he achieved his ambition of reaching the South Pole, disappointed as he was beaten to it, or sad as he and his team didn't survive the journey home).


Log on to My Maths and complete the task on  Commutativity: multiplication to practise multiplying numbers in any order. 


Your child can also play some maths games on My Maths too if you wish.