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  • Revisit all previous sounds (in particularly ch, th, sh, ng and nk) using your sound mat to help you.
  • Afterwards, look at the I Spy and Read Activity (below). Have a go at reading the words and finding the picture to match each word.
  • When you’ve done this, see if you can ask a grown-up to read out one of the words and see if you can practise writing them down. Use your sound mat to help you with this.


Write about your half term. What was the most exciting thing that you did? Draw a picture and have a go at writing a sentence about it. Don't forget to follow the writing checklist. You may also use the sound mat to help you.

Writing Checklist

What the teachers have been up to in the classroom at half term!

There was lots and lots of parcels to open, with some lovely new resources for our new topic! We have also swapped over the role play area to a Vets and have a farm and animals to play with too!


Today's lesson is on the Oak Academy website. Once on the site, select Subjects -Early Years Foundation Stage - Maths - Number Grouping and Sharing

Watch Lesson 1 - understanding the concept of equal groups.

Whizzy Maths

Go to the White Rose Maths website - select Home Learning  - EYFS - Building 9 and 10 week 3 - select session 1 - Building with 3-D shapes.

Do you have any wooden blocks etc to build with? What can you build? Take a photo of what you build and email it to your teacher for the gallery.

Understanding the world

Normally at this time of year, we learn all about pets and animals and go on a trip to West Lodge Farm. We usually hatch out our own chicks. But for now we are going to learn a little about farm animals using the videos on the Oak Academy website. Once on the website select - Subjects- Early Years Foundation Stage - Understanding the World - scroll down to On the farm Growing (Animals) - select lesson 1 To know the names for the offspring animals


Complete Challenge 1 - have a go at Boccia at home - follow the link in the document below.