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Mrs Wright's Classroom - RSW

Hello and Welcome RSW

Hello Children,


My name is Mrs Wright. I am going to be your teacher if you are in RSW. I hope you are excited to begin your journey at Little Bowden School. We will learn and play together on our side of the classroom. We will take it in turns to play outside once we are settled in. Our teaching assistant's name is Mrs Marsden. She will be helping us with our learning. At the beginning of the term we will also have some extra help from Mrs Burden.


I can't wait to meet you all very soon!


Best wishes,


Mrs Wright   smiley


Meet Our Team

Class Teacher - Mrs Wright

Classroom Teaching Assistant - Mrs Marsden

Additional Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Burden



Some Photographs of the Classroom 


Everyone will get their own drawer. When you come to school, you will know which one is yours because it will have your full name written on it. We will spend lots of time practising finding our own drawers and putting things inside them. Your drawer belongs to you and you can keep all of your drawings together inside it. 


We will all sit together on the carpet when we are taking the register and listening to stories. When we are sitting on the carpet, we will practise crossing our legs. We will show good looking and good listening by trying not to talk to the other children that are sitting on the carpet. If we want to ask a question or tell an adult something, we will put our hands up to speak. We will only spend a little while sitting still. Most of the time we will be moving freely around our side of the classroom and choosing different toys to play with. We will all have lots of fun at school playing, learning and making new friends. 


In the classroom we have lots of different toys to choose from. At the end of each day the toys we have been using will be washed and cleaned. Below are some photographs of just a few of our toys. 


At Little Bowden School we love to read! We enjoy listening to different stories and retelling them using our own words. The photograph below is of our Reading Area. When it is time to go and play, you might decide to sit quietly and look at a book instead. 


These are RSW's pegs. Everyone has their own peg with their name on it. If you show kindness to others or try very hard with your learning, an adult might move your peg up onto the rainbow. Moving up onto the rainbow is an amazing achievement and you will feel very proud! You can move up and down on the Sunshine System depending on your behaviour at school. If an adult does have to move your peg onto the cloud, we will always give you the opportunity to show us good behaviour and therefore move back up to the sunshine. At the start of each new day everyone's peg is moved back onto the sunshine and we start again.