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Oliver's Vegetables WB 29.06.20

Follow the weekly Maths programme in the  - choose home learning and then the early years option. Select Summer term-week 10 (w/c 29.06.20)


Listen to the story ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ in our stories and videos section.



Sort food into healthy v not healthy. Then try veggie print patterns. Can you try an AAB or ABCB pattern to make a circular or border pattern?



I hope your memory is good for the addition memory game! Can you count in groups of 2? If not, please don’t worry as we will be learning how to do this, when you come to school.



Can you help Oliver tell Grandad how many more Oliver has planted? This time in the First… Then...Now… story you need to work out the ‘then’ part! 

Can you work out Oliver’s rules?



Can you help Oliver count? Remember to start all your numbers at the top when you are writing them down. 

Enjoy the kitchen disco and practise your ordinal numbers…1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.



Can you double the amount of ingredients? Use counters to help you.

28 June 2020