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PE Notice

P.E. Help needed to label items and practice changing!


The children really enjoyed their first P.E. session this morning and were very good at stopping when they heard the whistle! They especially enjoyed the animal game today. Our sports coaches Mr King and Mr Smith will be working with us in our P.E. sessions.


Getting changed was especially fun! We struggled to help as many items had no names and the children had no idea what belonged to them! Please could you help by naming all items, including grey tights as they all look the same!


Lots of the children also had difficulty dressing and undressing. So lots of practice at home please, especially with buttons. It is also a good idea to turn items inside out and teach your child how to turn them the right way round before dressing. This should help them get out to play after P.E. more quickly and your help will be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks,


The Foundation Team J