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PTA Code of Conduct

A safe community is obtained not only through the use of written rules and consequences but is derived from a nurturing atmosphere in which all individuals are treated with respect and compassion. Our school community consists of staff, children and parents learning together in an environment in which each person feels safe, valued, respected and stimulated.

This guide should be viewed as a means to strengthen our community of learners. This guide describes the basic expectations for behaviour, as well as the rules and consequences at PTA sponsored activities. 

The guide begins with the Members’ Rights and Responsibilities, followed by School Rules and Guidelines for Behaviour at PTA Functions. Throughout this credo the word "members" refers to the children, staff and parents within our school community.

Members’ Rights and Responsibilities

Members have the right to be treated with compassion and respect. They have the responsibility to be respectful of and sensitive to the feelings of others.


Guidelines for Behaviour at PTA Functions


 The children will:

 o Keep hands, feet and other objects to themselves. 

o Show respect for all adults and other pupils by their words and actions, and listen carefully to directions when they are given.

o Respect school and personal property.

o Refrain from name calling, swearing at or teasing others.

o Not engage in activities that may injure others whether intentional or unintentional.

o Whenever a pupil violates any of the above listed rules at PTA sponsored functions, he/she becomes subject to correction.

Adult Responsibilities:

o It is the right and responsibility of an adult attending a PTA function to correct, or to report to the event coordinator, any misbehaviour by any pupil or parent that occurs at that specific PTA event.

o Parents/legal carers attending PTA sponsored functions with their children are expected to assume responsibility for their children’s and their own behaviour and safety.

o Parents/legal carers unable to accompany their children to PTA sponsored functions are expected to designate or identify an adult who will be present and who will assume responsibility for their children’s behaviour and safety. In the case of a school Disco, those present representing the PTA will assume this responsibility.

o The corrective action taken by the adult may range from simple verbal reprimand to suggesting the pupil be excluded from attending future PTA sponsored functions.


o For the first offense occurring at a particular PTA event, the adult may verbally reprimand the child. It is suggested at this time the adult also reviews the code of conduct with the child.

o In the event of a second offense at the same event, the child may be removed from the situation and the principal or his/her designee will speak to the child.

o For a third offense at the same event, the parent/legal carer is notified to remove the child from the event.

o Severe bad behaviour will result in immediately contacting the child’s parent/legal carer. The parent/legal guardian will remove the child from the event when notified of the problem.

Severe Behaviour:

o Willfully endangering yourself or others.

o Willfully destroying property.

o Willful disobedience of adults attending PTA functions.

o Engages in abusive language or behaviour.