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Pupil Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.


In 2016/17 Little Bowden Primary School received a total Pupil Premium funding of £64,380

In 2017/18 Little Bowden Primary School expected a total Pupil Premium funding of £78,440


The Pupil Premium funding that received by the school annually is used in a variety of ways in order to improve pupil learning.


Barriers to Learning


There are many barriers to learning that affect various children across the school and the socio economic groups. Some of the key barriers identified for the Pupil Premium children at Little Bowden have been identified as :


  • Resources/support at home.

  • Lack of positive parental engagement with school.

  • Financial difficulty resulting in children being unable to take full part in all school activities.

  • Social and emotional support required.


The Pupil Premium money that we receive at school is targeted to effectively remove or at least reduce the effect of these barriers.


Pupil Premium Lead Teacher:

The school works hard to tackle under performance and has high expectations for all pupils. Support is given to those who need it most. Children that receive free school meals are identified and closely monitored. A number of children have very complex needs and in order to identify these and to ensure barriers to learning are removed we have appointed a teacher on the Senior Leadership Team to act as the Pupil Premium Lead. This teacher has no class commitment and works with children and families in all year groups. Identifying issues and then offering tailored support.

Support is offered in various forms including:

- Providing support and advice for class teachers

- Morning advice and tutoring for parents

- Come And Talk Sessions (CATS) for children wanting to discuss problems

- Play time and Lunchtime clubs for children experiencing difficulties at playtimes

- Confidence building groups

- Social and emotional support

- Friendship and family support groups


Effective feedback:

The ratio of teaching assistants to pupils has been improved, which in turn allows the ALT team and the Teaching Assistants to work with small groups of vulnerable children in all areas of the curriculum, especially in Literacy and Maths. All children, including those from vulnerable groups, are given help to reach their potential, on a daily basis, through assessment for learning strategies and techniques.


Peer tutoring and Peer-assisted learning:

During lessons, this approach is used within the class to increase awareness as the children listen, respect and tolerate the view of others. Self- esteem is linked to this approach, so the children are given responsibilities, such as being a member of the School Council, Lunchtime Leader etc. 


Early Years intervention:

Early Years and other groups have been screened to identify vulnerable groups and are supported in class through targeted intervention.


Parental involvement:

Parents are invited into school for theme Days, special assemblies and other events.


Sport participation:

All children take part in Sport, during school time and learn key skills of team work and fair play. Coaches from a variety of sports and Big Moves enhance these lessons. All year 4 (two terms) and Year 3 (one term) participate in swimming on a weekly basis and the Pupil Premium ensures that all children can take part.


Additional events Pupil Premium has been used to facilitate:

Some children learn to play a musical instrument though our visiting music tutors and go on to join our School Orchestra. All children learn to sing and some join our Come Sing Choir. There is the opportunity for them to perform to an audience at the Harvest Festival, Christmas Performances, Summer Fete, and music assemblies. Some have also taken part in the nationwide Voices concert in Birmingham (contribution to tutors).

Annual residential visits take place each year which enables the Year 4 and Year 6 children to experience activities such as orienteering, adventurous activities, and team challenges. Promoting confidence, self-esteem, positive values and team building.

Enriched day visits to interact with the class topics are arranged. Some of the Pupil Premium is used to top up parental contributions.

A range of curriculum theme days are also organised to further enrich the children’s experiences. Most notable was the Chinese Theme Week where children experienced various activities focusing on Mandarin and the Chinese culture.

Support with uniform and kit on a case by case basis.



The impact is often intangible but still apparent. It is very early to assess the academic impact that the provision of a Pupil premium Lead Teacher has had but initial signs are promising. Children’s confidence is improving, more families that have been hard to reach are engaging with school. Activities in the less structured times of the school day has led to teachers reporting that children are coming into lessons ready to learn which will have a beneficial impact on pupil engagement in lessons and thus progress.


Future Enhancements:

- Provision of a breakfast club for vulnerable children so that they are ready for a full days learning.

- Additional after school clubs for children and parents.


PUPIL PREMIUM 2015/2016   
  Expenditure   Balance 
Total funding    £  85,500.00
Staffing 15/16  £    63,461.00  £  22,039.00
PGL 2015 Residential contribution   £         249.00  £  21,790.00
Uniforms  £          87.00  £  21,703.00
Study Aid  £          71.00  £  21,632.00
Enterpirse Education Club  £         500.00  £  21,203.00
Staffing 16/17  £    21,632.00  £             -  
PUPIL PREMIUM 2016/2017  
  Expenditure   Balance 
Total funding    £  63,380.00
Staffing 16/17  £   45,940.00  £  17,440.00
2016 Year 6 Residential Contribution   £        825.00  £  16,615.00
Study Books  £          97.25  £   12930.16
Resources  £        268.20  £   12661.96
2016 Year 4 Residential Contribution  £        500.00  £   12161.96
Professional Fees  £          30.00  £   12131.96
Enterprise Education Club  £        167.00  £   11964.96
PUPIL PREMIUM 2017/2018    
  Expenditure Balance
Total Expected funding    £   78,440.00