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Starting Reception August 2022

Congratulations on getting a place at our school and a huge welcome to you all to the Little Bowden Family!


You will be split into two classes for things like the register, some lesson introductions, parent/teacher meetings. However, most of the time we operate as one larger 'bubble' and the children mix freely with each other throughout our indoor and outdoor classroom spaces. Although you will be assigned to one class teacher, all of the staff work with all of the children on various tasks. We are currently in the process of visiting all our feeder pre-schools, nurseries and child minders to talk to your child's key worker so that we can find out what their interests are and things they enjoy doing most of all to help them settle smoothly into school. Following these visits, your child will be assigned to a class teacher - either Mrs Baldwin (Class RJB) or Mrs Wright (Class RSW). If you scroll down all the way to the very bottom of this page, you can click on the icons to see and hear Mrs Baldwin and Mrs Wright reading you a story.

In order to ensure a smooth transition for your child starting school in September, we will be having staggered sessions for their first few weeks of the term.  This reduces the number of children in the class initially so that it is less overwhelming for them and makes things like the first time to the dinner hall better for them. EYFS will be completely full with 60 children. The children will be split into two groups depending on their date of birth called 'younger' or 'older' for these staggered start sessions. If your child is born on or before 9th March 2018, they are our 'older' children. Children born on or after 10th March, 2018 are our 'younger' children. There is a timetable below setting out when your child’s sessions will be. Please click on the 'older' or 'younger' icon, depending on your child's date of birth. Please note all children will be in full time on MONDAY 12th SEPTEMBER.


Our current Year 6 children go to visit their secondary schools, which allows the whole school to move up for transition days to their new teachers on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th July. This means our EYFS classroom will be free. We will be ringing you to book you in for an initial ‘Stay and Play’ session with your child on one of these days. We will be ringing the phone number you have previously supplied, so if you have changed numbers please do let the school office know on 01858 462528. When we ring you, our number may show as withheld, so please do answer! 

We are happy to welcome both parents with their child. During this session, you will have the chance to explore the inside and outside classroom, have a play in the setting, take your own child to the toilet to familiarize them with the facilities and to have a chat with your child’s class teacher. 


We are really looking forward to your first visit!

Best wishes,

The EYFS Team.

The PTA have kindly bought a book bag for each of you that we will be giving out at the start of term.

In terms of uniform, please wear school uniform at the start of term each day until we are all in full time. From the week commencing September 12th your child may come already dressed in their P.E. kit and trainers twice a week on our P.E. days (which days will be confirmed in September, once the whole school hall timetable has been decided) and school uniform the rest of the week.


During the summer you may want to make a scrapbook about your family, hobbies, pets, day trips or holidays etc to bring into school and keep in you drawer to share with your new friends and teachers.


If any of you, your parents or grandparents love gardening there is a bay marked EYFS in the school garden and you are welcome to visit it during the summer holiday and plant anything you like and look after it during the summer. Take some photos during the summer to ‘Show and Tell’ your new class about. 

This is how our desks are arranged to make it easy for us to works in groups on various activities.