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The Dinosaur that POOPED a Planet! WB: 06.07.20

Follow the weekly Maths programme in the  - choose home learning and then the early years option. Select Summer term-week 11 (w/c 06.07.20)

Listen to Mrs Baldwin reading ‘The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet!’


Monday – Design your own rocket, thinking about 2-D and 3-D shapes. Make your own rocket command station and count down from 20 (or 10) to blast off! Create a healthy lunch box for Danny. Super challenge  - include 20 things for a dinosaur to eat!


Tuesday – Dino stacking sounds like fun! Create your own Dinosaur- happy hand-printing!


Wednesday – Danny is worried because the dinosaur’s tummy is rumbling. He is pooping planets! Count the planets and tells us how many there will be if he poops one more!


Thursday – Enjoy the ‘Rocket Doubles’ game. Then try ‘Rocket Ride’ – how many different ways can you share the children into the rockets? Don’t forget they can all go in one rocket and have zero in the other rockets.


Friday – Make a volcano! This is one of Mrs Baldwin’s favourite experiments to do at school! Also enjoy playing ‘Guess My Rule.’

The Dinosaur that POOPED a planet!