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Home Learning Week Beginning 25.01.21

We are trialling a new timetable for our home learning this week (please see the coloured crayons below). This maps out the English and Mathematics lessons for you. We would love to hear your feedback on whether it was helpful to have a suggested list of activities for each day.

Please let us know. smiley


Our home learning grid this week will be a choice of fun activities which you can

slot in on days which suit you best.



Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons are available on YouTube for children to watch at home

Practise Set 1 sounds in Speed Sounds Lessons; learn to read Red Words and practise reading and writing using Hold a Sentence.

All lessons will show at 9.30 am each day and be available for 24 hours.

Today's RWI Phonics lessons are now live on their YouTube Channel. Please use link below:


This week we will revisit all the sounds that we have previously taught (e.g. m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g, o, c, k, u , b, f, e, l, h, r sh, j v, y, w, z, th, ch, qu and x). Any practise with these sounds at home will help support your child with their phonics knowledge. This week we will be learning the 'ng' sound. Please scroll down for a copy of this week's letter formation sheet. Please don't worry, if you do not have a printer! Just write the 'x' sound in a light coloured felt tip for your child to trace over, just as they do on their weekly homework sheets.


Videos to support revisiting all previous sounds;

Set One Sounds Revision -

Set Two Sounds Revision -

- Game to support revisiting all previous sounds;


Learning the 'ng' sound

Geraldine Giraffe Video for the 'ng' Sound :

Geraldine Giraffe Flashcards - Word Reading:

Twinkl Lesson for the 'ng' Sound:

Letter formation sheet for this week's sound 'ng'


Alphabet Challenge!



At school , we do our main Maths lesson in the morning and this week at home, we are going to follow the online lessons from the Oak Academy.


Also, in school we have a 'Whizzy' Maths session in the afternoons to recap and revise our Mathematical skills. These lessons are really useful for our Maths, similar to how our work in Phonics lessons supports our Reading and Writing. Please click on the crayons labelled with the current day of the week for these activities.

Extra addition sheets


PE - Fancy Dress Disco!

Here are a few of our school favourites;


Messy Play - Superhero Slime!

A simple slime recipe can be found at:

Additional Learning Grids for this half term

Activity grid for Physical Development

Can you dress and undress independently? Can you fasten your buttons/zips?

Can you go to the toilet independently?

Do you remember to wash your hands?

Can you use a knife and fork?

Can you hop, skip and jump?

Can you crawl and roll?

Can you balance?

Can you throw and catch a ball?

Can you make up a superhero dance?

Activity grid for Expressive Arts and Design (Fine Motor Skills)

Can you sing a song or nursery rhyme?

Can you use your imagination to role play to tell a story?

Practise your cutting skills – holding the scissors correctly.

Can you use different tools to do a job e.g. hammer, pegs, tweezers?

Can you mix colours to paint a picture? Perhaps it could be of a new superhero?

Can you thread beads or dried pasta on a string? 

Make a musical instrument.

Can you play a tune using the musical instrument that you made?

Make a collage using natural materials found in your garden or with fabrics.

Activity grid for Understanding the World

Can you sort materials into wood, plastic, paper, metal?

What birds can you see in your garden?

Can you describe and compare different plants in your garden or house?

Can you operate a remote-controlled toy?

Can you take a digital photograph?

Can you operate a simple programme on a computer or tablet?


Remember to have fun! Spend time as a family playing board games, developing those all important skills in speaking and listening,turn taking and sharing.