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Today is World Book Day 2021!


We hope that you enjoy completing today's home learning tasks.

We have also included some additional World Book Day activities (below).



  • As it is World Book Day today, we want you to look through all of your favourite books at home.
  • See if you can find any of the digraphs (two letters that make one sound) that we have already learnt. Which words are they in? Can you have a go at sounding them out? You might like to write them out too?
  • Can you find any 'red words' that we have been learning as well? 
  • Then choose your favourite story book and ask a grown-up to read this out to you. See if you can help a grown-up sound out some or the shorter CVC (consonant vowel consonant words) and some of our 'red words'.
  • Afterwards, see if you can use a full sentence to tell a grown-up why it is your favourite story. 
  • Happy reading - we hope you have lots of fun today!




It's World Book Day - yippee! We do love dressing up in EYFS! We are really looking forward to seeing you today on Teams, all dressed up as your favourite book character. Please email a photograph to your teacher for the Gallery. Print out the photograph if you can to stick onto a piece of paper ( or draw yourself ) and ask your grown up to rule lines underneath it for you to write on. Start your sentence with, 'I dressed up as......'

Otherwise, there is a template sheet if you prefer to print out below.


Writing Checklist





Whizzy Maths