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Log into Espresso on using your password. Watch the video on 'ow' in Phonics - Scully's phonics phase 5 - different ways to say 'ow' This is because RWInc teaches 'ow' in a different order to the letters and sounds phases and as we follow the RWInc order, we need to watch 'ow' (as in snow) in phase 5 before the 'ow' (as in cow) in phase 3 on Espresso. In class we will have a page in our books ruled with half the page blank and divided into 4 boxes to draw one picture of an 'ow' word in each box and have a go at spelling it. The bottom half of the page will have lines ruled and we will be practising our handwriting for 'ow,' 'snow' and 'blow.' At home there are other activities to play and do using in Polly's phonics on espresso.



Draw a picture of you playing in the park and write some sentences to match. use your sound mat, red word list and writing checklist from yesterday. There is also a park word mat attached for you to use for key spellings.


Today's lesson is on the Oak Academy website. Once on the site, select Subjects -Early Years Foundation Stage - Maths - Numbers within 20 - Lesson 9 - Review lesson: A Maths Meeting -


Whizzy Maths

Enjoy watching this episode of Numberblocks and discuss it with your grown-up:


Understanding the world

Using the Oak Academy website - select - Subjects- Early Years Foundation Stage - Understanding the World - scroll down to Growing plants - select lesson 2 - To sequence the stages of a plant growing -