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Today we will be learning the double digraph blends 'ff, ll and ss'.

  • Watch the Phonics with Felix Twinkl video 'ff' -
  • Watch the Alphablocks Video ff, ll, ss -
  • Encourage your child to practise saying the sounds 'ff, ll and ss' as one (e.g; saying 'f' once rather than saying it twice in a row 'f-f' etc).
  • Afterwards, have a go at playing some games on Phonics Play (see details below).
  • Go to:
  • Login using the following; Username: jan21     Password: home
  • Go to the top and click 'Resources' and then select 'Phase 2'.
  • Scroll down and select the game 'Grab a Giggling Grapheme'.
  • Click on '+ h b f ff l ll ss' and play the game.
  • Press on the alien which says the matching sound.
  • You might also like to have a go at selecting 'Phase 3' on the 'Grab a Giggling Grapheme' game.
  • See if you can try '+ y z zz qu' too. Have fun!
  • Watch the story ‘Superheroes Are Everywhere’ by Kamala Harris.
  • Afterwards, see if you can think of the superheroes in your life. Who are they? How do they make you feel?
  • Who is special to you and why? Draw a picture of them inside a heart and see if you can write a short sentence about why they are special to you.


Today's lesson is on the Oak Academy website. Once on the site, select Lessons - Schedule - Early Years Foundation Stage Reception - This week 8th February - select Thursday - select lesson 2 Maths - Ordering and exploring numbers within 15 -

Whizzy Maths

Go to the White Rose Maths website - select Home Learning  - EYFS - Building 9 and 10 week 1 - select session 2 -Representing and sorting 9 and 10

Chinese New Year

Use your login for Espresso on -select Foundation - World - Chinese New Year -

there are a few videos to watch and also lots of things to do in 'Activities' and 'Printable Resources.' If you have misplaced your login, just email us and we can re-send it to you. Perhaps you will choose to make a paper lantern, dragon mask, Chinese fan or money wallet. Have fun! Kung Hei Fat Choy!