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  • Watch the video:
  • Ask a grown-up to pause the video at different points to see if you can read the words containing the 'ay' digraph.
  • Afterwards, see if you can put each word into a sentence of your own and say it out loud (e.g. 'Put the sausages onto the tray. The car went that way.' etc).
  • Then see if you can complete the Read and Draw Activity (below). Read the words containing the 'ay' digraph and have a go at drawing a picture to match.


  • Pretend that Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh have escaped and are on the run! Can you help the police catch them?
  • See if you can create a Wanted Poster (below) to help people find Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh.
  • You may like to create your own poster using plain paper. 
  • Write sentences underneath to describe what they both look like. This will help them get caught.
  • You might like to write down a reward price too.

Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len


Today's lesson is on the Oak Academy website. Once on the site, select Subjects -Early Years Foundation Stage - Maths - Number Grouping and Sharing - Lesson 4 Exploring grouping objects in tens to find the total -

Whizzy Maths

Go to the White Rose Maths website - select Home Learning  - EYFS - Building 9 and 10 week 3 - select session 4 - Pattern.

Today you are practising your bonds to 10, as well as looking at patterns. In the Pattern Fish, how many different patterns could you spot. Copy or make your own patterns. Always give your child 3 iterations (e.g. blue red blue red blue red) of the pattern before asking them to continue it on. You can extend their work by describing the structure of the pattern e.g. tomato tomato apple tomato tomato apple tomato tomato apple, you would describe AAB AAB AAB.

Geography/Whizzy Maths

Go to the White Rose Maths website- select Home Learning - scroll down and select Summer Term Archive - Early Years - on the heading Summer term week 12 (13th July) scroll over to the right to the '-' symbol and click it and it will bring up previous weeks - select Week 2 - What the Ladybird Heard- session 3

Enjoy making your map.


Our music lesson is linked to our topic about animals as it is about habits. The lesson is on the Oak Academy website. Once on the site, select Subjects -Early Years Foundation Stage - Music - Habitats - Lesson 1 The Woodland (Part 1) -