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Timetable for the younger children

This timetable is only for our 'younger' children  - i.e born after 7th April 2017.


When we email you the details of which class your child will be in, we will also include a time slot for Wednesday 25th August, Thursday 26th or Friday 27th for you to visit for an initial ‘Stay and Play’ session with your child. We are happy to welcome both parents with their child. During this session, you will have the chance to explore the inside and outside classroom, have a play in the setting, take your own child to the toilet to familiarize them with the facilities and to have a chat with your child’s class teacher.

Then the timetable for the following two weeks after Bank Holiday Monday is as follows:




Tuesday 31st August

8:50am – 11:45am

Wednesday 1st September

8:50am – 11:45am

Monday 6th September

8:50am – 1:10pm (inc lunch)

Tuesday 7th September

8:50am – 1:10pm (inc lunch)

Friday 10th September

8:50 am – 1:10pm - All EYFS children in




The following week, commencing Monday 13th September all the children will be in every day 8.50 to 3.15pm.