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The Mayans



                                      THE MAYANS


  Welcome to year 4's spring term topic on the Maya of Central America.

  In this topic we shall be looking at and learning about the now long lost Empire and culture of the Maya. Through a series of six key questions we will discovery how and where the Maya lived and why their culture flourished but also eventually declined.


  The six key questions are,


              1. Meeting the Maya

              2. Religion and Gods

              3. Mayan number system

              4. Exploration and discovery

              5. Maya writing



  Over the next 6 weeks  we will provide information and suggested research areas to help you find answers to the 6 key questions. We also hope to provide opportunities to produce art work and discover fun facts about this interesting group of people.

  Week one. Key question one.


   WE in year 4 have made a small change to the Mayan topic. After feedback we felt a change to the emphasis of the key questions would be better suited to remote learning. Only the first question will have be started by the children but we feel these questions are more engaging for remote learners and more fun as well. 


  1.  Meet the Maya


 An introduction to the world of the Maya. By following the PowerPoint below you will find out where and when the Mayan civilization existed as well as lots of interesting facts.

    Tourist brochure.  Now you  have a chance to make a tourist brochure designed to encourage and help possible tourists to visit this exciting and distant civilisation. Don't forget you will be travelling in time and over a long distance. You may want to make helpful list of things to pack as well as carefully pointing out any possible dangers. As with other information sheets you have made (remember canal animals, swans, otters etc) it can be non-chronological, have pictures, bright colours, interesting facts etc. I'm not sure how covid-19 fits into time travel so let's pretend it doesn't exist. 


The following Power Point shows many of the important and interesting parts of the Mayan world. Have you studied a similar group of people before? Clue- pyramids and picture writing.