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     Mayan life videos. (Life Style) Recommended for grown ups also.

                          This series of videos looks at Mayan food, clothing, houses and general life. It is presented as a series of "Life style" programmes, the format of which will be familiar to many of the grown ups. The one with Gok Wan and the one with Kevin McCloud are particularly enjoyable.



    The week's key question looks at the exploration and rediscovery of the Mayan civilisation. Unlike a number of American civilisations the Mayan civilisation had declined and disappeared before Europeans arrived. It wasn't until the 19th century that interest in objects and local stories lead to a fuller understanding of the fascinating past of this part of Central America.

  The PowerPoint this week is quite long and may need a couple of visits and revisits. The work sheets are at two levels of challenge and children may choose the one most suited to them with some guidance. The worksheets need not be printed out as the answers can written into an exercise book and the pictures are best viewed on the screen.