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Earth and the solar system

The half term's new topic is

Earth and Space

For the next few weeks we will be investigating and learning about the Earth we live on and the space around it. We will begin with the solar system and where the Earth fits in. We shall also investigate the moon, its place around Earth and how to get there!

The solar system

We will begin our new topic by finding out about the solar system.  Sol is Latin for Sun.The solar system is the Sun system.

BBC bitesize explains well.


A way to remember the order of the planets.

Make up a mnemonic    Here is the one I use to remember


My Very Early Morning Jam Sandwiches Usually Nauseate People.




8 or 9 planets? When I learned about planets there were nine now there is only eight. Poor Pluto is no longer a planet.


The following link is a bit technical and you may need some one older to help but iy does explain why Pluto is no longer a planet