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  • Watch the video - Geraldine Giraffe learns the 'ow' trigraph ( note 'ow' as in snow and not the 'ow' as in cow) -
  • Afterwards, have a go at saying the sound and the rhyme ‘ow - blow the snow’. See if you can find this digraph on your sound mat too.
  • Then have a go at reading the words containing the 'ow' digraph using the sound sheet (below) - 


Listen to another Percy the Park Keeper story and discuss the ones we already know. Work in small groups to use the story-telling pebbles that we made yesterday, to tell each other stories.



Today's lesson is on the Oak Academy website. Once on the site, select Subjects -Early Years Foundation Stage - Maths - Numbers within 20 - Lesson 7 - Exploring one more and one less -


Whizzy Maths

Revision of your number bonds to 5, using a part-part-whole model. Complete the attached worksheet (or draw it out, if you do not have a printer).


It's not international dot day today, but we thought this creative activity would be fun to do!