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Look at flashcards of capital letters (a-i) and call out the correct sound to match each one.



First of all, warm up your muscles -

Then practise the 'Curly Caterpillar letters' - c, a, o, q, g, d, e, s, f. Your grown up can write the first one in felt tip for you to trace over and then complete the rest of the line yourself, or complete pages 1-3 on the attached sheet below -



Today we are writing the inserts for our Easter Cards to our families in our very best handwriting!


We are also going to be playing some games in the classroom involving matching lower case letters to their capital letter. At home you could make an Easter Egg matching version yourself. (see the photograph below). Also log on to - select Espresso - log in using your password - select Foundation - Literacy - Handwriting - watch the formation videos to help you.


Today's lesson is on the Oak Academy website. Once on the site, select Subjects -Early Years Foundation Stage - Maths - Doubling and halving - Lesson 2 - Understand the concept of half (Part 1)-


Whizzy Maths

Egg box play! Follow the video lesson on the White Rose Maths website - select Home Learning - scroll down and select Summer Term Archive - Early Years - on the heading Summer term week 12 (13th July) scroll over to the right to the '-' symbol and click it and it will bring up previous weeks - select Week 2 - We are going on an Egg Hunt - session 2 and then follow the lesson activities on  -

I wonder what kind of objects will fit? Will we need smaller objects for bigger numbers?
Write the numbers out of order on a new egg box and play a reveal game. Which number is under which egg?
If we put 5 eggs in our box, can you move them around and show me 5 in a different way?
Lets do this with different amounts of eggs.
For the number under the egg lets do that many skips hops jumps or bunny ears!



Finish our Easter cards by adding on eyes, beaks and legs to our chicks.